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WordPress Review

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“Sweet Spot between Form and Function”

Overall: I play the roles of admin, developer, editor in WordPress for many years. The product has evolved significantly over the years. However, the changes have never been so drastic to mandate massive retraining. For a website of average complexity, I have no hesitation to recommend WordPress. Its ease of use has truly democratized content creation.

Pros: WordPress’s ecosystem, specifically its support of plugins and themes, bars none. There are a few other platforms that may beat WordPress in certain dimensions. If the goal is to launch a website that is both responsive and extensible in a hurry, WordPress remains the king.

Cons: Its navigation is still a little cumbersome. It is not uncommon to have 5-6 WordPress browser windows anytime you are trying to be productive in WordPress. For few years, I was able to draft content in Google Docs and then publish to WordPress using a plugin. A recent release seems to have broken that plugin. Content creation experience within WordPress should not be strictly be considered a selling point.

Alternatives Considered: SquareSpace and Wix

Reasons for Choosing WordPress: WordPress’s marketshare leadership position and its ecosystem make resources (eg hosting, hiring) readily available.