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SharePoint Review

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“A Grown-Up Product Facing Existential Crisis.”

Overall: SharePoint does a lot but doesn’t any one task exceedingly well. Its traditional strength as a collaboration platform has been surpassed by other modern offerings. The ability to leverage metadata and views remains a slight unique advantage. As an authoring platform (eg Wikis), SharePoint is truly showing its mileage and old age.

Pros: SharePoint, especially when bundled with Office 365, is great bang for bucks. No other collaboration platform offers tighter integration with MS Office on this planet (yet). For a Microsoft-centric organization running Active Directory (AD) and Exchange, SharePoint conveniently offers 20% of the features that 80% of end-users need.

Cons: Real-time collaboration unbelievably still lags behind G Suite. Recent releases have made rapid improvements to catch up, but lockout issues arise frequently. Versioning was a SharePoint’s strength few years ago. Box has surpassed SharePoint, both in terms of reliability and capabilities. SharePoint has been around since 2001 and gone through more than half a dozen major versions. It is unclear how committed Redmond is to SharePoint. Would OneDrive and Team one day eventually swallow SharePoint? That uncertainty undoubtedly casts a cloud over its longevity, especially when high user adoption costs are factored in.