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Salesforce CRM Review

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Salesforce: 800-pound CRM gorilla

Describe your overall experience
With the popularity and pervasiveness of Salesforce, it probably deserves a spot on most people’s shortlists. Its longevity and interoperability with many other line-of-business systems make Salesforce a solid candidate. However, I can think of many instances where an organization would be better served by a niche product such as DealCloud or HubSpot.

Pros: What do you like most about this software?
Salesforce is undoubtedly the 800-pound gorilla in the CRM realm. Investments into an ecosystem that is ubiquitous and ever expanding are usually calculated good bets. Salesforce itself offers many vertical and horizontal integrations, and there is no shortage of 3rd party products and service providers. Salesforce Trailhead, its online academy, offers extensive self-paced tutorials and courses at a very competitive price: FREE. So getting ramped up on Salesforce is relatively accessible.

Cons: What do you like least about this software?
Out of the box, Salesforce is more of a framework than a complete solution. Some level of configuration is necessary for all but the simplest implementations. While a well-planned implementation may fit like gloves, a mediocre one will hinder usability and user adoption. On top of its above-average licensing costs, the total of ownership tends to be the higher end.