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Reflektive Review

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“It’s me, not you, Reflektive.”

Overall: To be fair, our organization perhaps is leveraging Reflektive differently from other organizations. Real-time feedback/compliment is our secondary goal; performance measurement (eg annual review) is our primary objective. The goal-setting functionality is truly subpar; even the most rudimentary rich-text formatting functions are missing. Worse is the “reporting” feature when you retrieve the annual goals. I cannot in my right conscience recommend Reflektive such a use case.

Pros: The UI/UX is largely intuitive and self-explanatory. SaaS built in the modern era should not mandate any training but a 2-minute quickstart. Anything but, in my humble opinion, defies end users’ expectations. Reflektive, fortunately, belongs to this IKEA-like category. Unwrap, fumble a little bit, assembled!

Cons: There are a few things that don’t sit well with me. However, I like least about Reflektive’s lackluster Outlook integration. Our organization uses Office 365, and the streams of scheduled updates often break the Reflektive addin. When it breaks, the addin doesn’t break quietly. You cannot snooze the Reflektive quite as easily as Clippy the Paperclip.