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Paychex Flex Review

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“Paychex Flex: a Necessary Evil?”

Overall: Very few could say they are in love with their HR software platform. Paychex Flex is no exception. It is a necessary process that end users endure before moving onto their daily chores. Apparently, the bar for HR software is rather low. Another market leader, such as ADP, is not faring too much better either. Perhaps this is another industry primed for disruption.

Pros: The intended functionalities. The vision of a one-stop, self-serviced portal is sound. The built-in workflows do automate some tedious and menial HR tasks. For instance, the PTO request/approval itself is pretty slick and minimizes many communication round trips that were commonplace without such automations.

Cons: Navigation. If you told me the different modules were built by numerous disjointed contractors/siloed teams, I would have totally believed you. It was a true pain to maneuver across the numerous staple HR functions: flexible spending account (FSA), payroll, personal day off (PTO), and taxes. The flow is unnatural and the user interface design would hugely benefit from standardization.