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HubSpot CRM Review

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“HubSpot: A Swiss army knife that costs less than an arm and a leg, initially”
Overall: My experience has been great with HubSpot. The Free and Starter plans offers excellent values and functionalities. Instead of piecing numerous SaaS bits together, HubSpot is a one-stop shop that is backed up by a reputable company and a lively ecosystem. Its knowledge base is vast and I can usually find solutions on its FAQs or HubSpot Certified Group on Facebook. You cannot reliably claim that about other niche platforms.

Pros: I got introduced to HubSpot via its Academy, which truly has excellent educational content. HubSpot brilliantly uses its extensive knowledge base to attract prospects. As part of the InBound Sales certification course, I started using its CRM and gradually expanded to other service offerings, such as the self-service scheduling and chatbot services. What HubSpot does better than its competitors is the seamless integration between the mega modules (Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, CMS and Operations). You can start with as few/many modules as your organization needs.

Cons: The Starter Plans are cost-effective ($0 to $45/month) but shoot up astronomically as you scale up to Professional and Enterprise tiers ($360+/month). A more economical tier between Starter and Professional would better serve the SMBs.

Switched From: Salesforce Sales Cloud and Zoho CRM

Reasons for Switching to HubSpot CRM: Zoho CRM itself is a little limiting.
Integration with other modules is available and feels more fragmented than HubSpot. On the other hand, Salesforce is extremely flexible but requires lots of customization before being deemed usable.