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Gmail Review

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“Function Over Form: Neither Swan Nor Ugly Duckling.”

Overall: An extremely reliable product backed with rock solid infrastructure and engineering.

Pros: Spinning up a Gmail and/or Google Workspace account is a breeze compared to Outlook. Gmail’s configurability and interoperability far surpasses Outlook. The add-on ecosystem is far more applicable than Outlook.

Cons: That UI has largely remained unchanged over the decade. It is undoubtedly function over form.

Reasons for Choosing Gmail: If logging into Microsoft product with a single account is like running a marathon, logging in with multiple accounts is like running 7 marathons back to back. Also, a simple task like publishing calendaring availability publicly is virtually impossible.

Reasons for Switching to Gmail: As the need to manage multiple accounts arose, I could no long stand Office365; the login mechanism has always been a nightmare.