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Buffer Review

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“Buffer: Social Distance Smartly”

Overall: My experience has been great with Buffer. While the bread and butter is undoubtedly its Publishing feature, I very much enjoy the recently added Engage functionality, where I can reply to comments on different platforms. That is a huge productivity gain! There are times I wish Buffer had more CRM-like features, but that would positively push the product to a whole different price tier.

Pros: With Buffer, I’m able to compose and publish on social media whenever most convenient. The quality of the posts has undoubtedly improved thanks to easier proofreading and far fewer typos. In addition, the ability to maintain a consistent social media presence and reach my audience at the most optimal time windows is a huge plus.

Cons: Not the fault of Buffer whatsoever but staying logged in on various social media platforms could be a challenge. Platforms like LinkedIn are notoriously fuzzing about reauthentication on a periodic basis.

Alternatives Considered: Hootsuite and HubSpot Marketing Hub

Reasons for Choosing Buffer: Cost-effectiveness